May 2, 2018, Centre d’etude de la forêt, Laval University, Quebec City

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We have organized a set of sessions, back to back, starting from the most “general”, and ending with the most “detailed”. The hope is to attract non-modelers (e.g., managers, scientists, practitioners) to the first session, people who think they might want to see more how models work (e.g., scientists, students, technicians), and those who want to build and use models for research and operational purposes (e.g., scientists, technicians, programmers).

  • Part 1: Introducing a modular simulation platform for non-programmers - 3 hours – 9 am May 2 - This is a high level intro for scientists, managers, policy makers, decision makers, coupled with high-level exercises in SpaDES that will take you through how to run pre-made SpaDES modules, run modules from other people, and change model parameters.

  • Part 2: Getting started with SpaDES in R - 3 hours – 1 pm May 2 - This is intended to dive a little bit into the code, learn how to create relatively simple modules and establish links between modules.

  • Developers - 3 days – NOT BEING OFFERED DURING THIS WORKSHOP - This 3 days workshop starts with the Intro and Advanced Intro above, and continues much deeper for developers of models. That means that if somebody who is interested in developing, but has already a good grasp on what SpaDES does and the higher level concepts, they can join this workshop. See below for instructions


CEF annual conference 2018, Laval University, Quebec City

Developers workshop

When following the Developer’s workshop, please pre-install the SpaDES packages and dependencies:

# Restart your R session so it is clear
# Ctrl-shift-F10 if you are in Rstudio #

# If you have any of our packages or their dependencies, please update them first
# Get latest versions of key SpaDES packages from CRAN
dependencies <- tools::package_dependencies("SpaDES", recursive = TRUE)

# Update any versions of these dependencies that are already on your machine
update.packages(oldPkgs = unlist(dependencies), ask = FALSE) 

# install the latest version of the SpaDES packages and any dependencies not yet installed
install.packages("SpaDES", dependencies = TRUE) # install "suggested" packages too with TRUE

# For the workshop, there are a few minor bug fixes that are not in the CRAN version
# Restart your R session so it is clear
# Ctrl-shift-F10 if you are in Rstudio #
reproducible::Require("devtools") # installs (if needed) and loads
devtools::install_github("PredictiveEcology/SpaDES.core", ref = "development")

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